It is easy to forget about septic tank maintenance until odours occur. Many people know to pump out a septic tank every year or so. The chore is made much easier with the help and the treatment options offered by Parklink, New Zealand’s best wastewater treatment company.

For septic tank maintenance, they offer Greasement. This is their unique system to control odours, grease, and fat using non-pathogenic bacteria to eat them away. This allows Parklink to remain the best septic tank maintenance company in areas like Auckland and Christchurch.

Their service begins with a full evaluation of the system. They have microbiologists, chemists and other industry experts that will take their understanding of the cause and effect of odours and contaminants in wastewater, ponds, freshwater sources and septic tanks. They will then create a conceptual plan for treating the area.

Once the treatment has been implemented they will report on its performance. With septic tank maintenance, they will make sure that the contaminants, grease, fat and other substances have been removed by the bacteria.

Parklink has over a decade of dealing with a range of different effluent systems. They can recommend and also put into place realistic treatments for your needs. These treatments are affordable and are always environmentally sustainable. Your business will be able to benefit from the confidence that being environmentally conscious about your wastewater treatment will bring.

Allow Parklink’s industry experts to do an assessment of your site. They will conduct a thorough evaluation and prepare a detailed report which will recommend addressing any specific matters. The treatment you accept will then be implemented.

Greasement is available now to take care of septic tank cleanings.  It is designed to release powerful fat and grease digesting bacteria. When fat or grease accumulates in water it gets sticky and grows to sizes that can become trapped within the system. This can affect the grease trap and stop the pump switch from operating correctly. When these contaminants build up they can also become poisonous gasses.

Take care of this problem before it becomes serious and causes corrosion or a malfunction.  The team at Parklink will always ensure that safety procedures are adhered to in order to protect your employees as well as the staff that works to install the treatment method. In over a decade, the company has boasted a zero-harm accident report.

Their team of experts is completely trained in every aspect of site work related to installing any equipment for treatments including the Greasement treatment. Whether your company has a wastewater system in need of help, a septic tank or a duck pond that needs cleaning, the team at Parklink will get the water balanced. This is a guarantee.

To get the most effective system or to get your septic tank cleaned, phone them now. They can do cleanings all across New Zealand. Call them today to find out more about getting your new septic tank plan in place for your peace of mind and the environment’s sake.